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Workindo, the meeting point of the construction industry, brings together job seekers and employers.

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Workindo set out to solve problems in the construction sector's subcontracting, bidding on projects and reaching employees.

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Privileges of Workindo


Notifies you of suitable job postings via SMS. Thus, you can be one of the first applicants to the postings.

Easy Application

After creating your profile, you can apply for current postings with one click. Sending a CV has never been easier!

CV Database

With the CV Database of 550,000+ people, you can find the personnel you are looking for immediately.

Corporate Packages

With our packages, you can get a privileged look and benefit from all the features of Workindo.

Set Up Your Team

You can quickly set up a team for your international and domestic projects.

All Your Needs

You can meet your material and service needs very quickly thanks to the companies and employees registered in Workindo.

We are with you

We are here with our customer representatives to make the most of Workindo!


List job postings for construction, explore new talents.

Become a member of Workindo for all your needs in construction business.

Individual Opportunities

Individual Opportunities

You can apply with Workindo without having to visit a company to look for a job. Create your profile and apply for jobs that suit you with one click.

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Corporate Opportunities

Corporate Opportunities

With Workindo, companies can quickly find candidates and establish teams as online. Workindo facilitates the employment processes of companies and enables them to reach qualified workers.

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Reach the qualified personnel you are looking for immediately with advantageous packages.

To create customized packages

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