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Asa İç Mimari İnşaat Ltd Şti, Turkey at your location and Of plasterboard ceiling assembly, Drywall partition, The decor plasterboard elements (niches, belts, etc.)., Curved drywall installation, Drywall circumference of the box applications, Regulation of the drywall ceiling lighting in niches, the single layer gypsum board with mineral fiber insulation, Drywall insulating, Fabric wallpaper paste, Wall wallpaper paste, Installation of drywall, Ceiling wallpaper paste, Vinyl wallpaper paste, Photo wallpaper paste, glass wallpaper paste to the wall, Sound absorbing ceilings or walls, Made with satin plaster coating, The plastered ceilings machines, applying paste, Made of cement screed dose, Coarse and fine mortar made of plaster interior wall plaster, Spreading made of plaster, Facade rough and fine plastering mortar, Coarse and fine plaster ceiling plaster mortar made of, A single coat plaster made, Fields made the cut concrete joints, Soil drainage is done, Soil drainage is done, Making plaster to interior and exterior surfaces, Metal door frame behind concrete mortar application, Epoxy based flooring made, Made protective coat, Machine made with alum, Laminate hardwood flooring, Made of rough plaster, Satin plaster coating made of, Parker cleaning and varnishing, laminate flooring, Apartment or Room Renovation, Bathroom or Toilet Renovation, Kitchen Renovation, Bungalow Works, Precast Works, Baths and Saunas Works, Fireplaces and Stoves, Office works, Complete Home, Handrails and Platform Construction, Regional cleanliness, general cleaning, Balcony renovating, Epoxy floor paint, dusting of concrete floors, Glued carpet tiles, plastering the walls of the machine, Tension ceilings, plywood interior ceiling, Arrangement of PVC ceiling corners, Styrofoam painting, Wall wood veneer, Ceiling wood veneer, Flooring, Stucco molding applications, Plasterboard application plinth, Gypsum columns, Gypsum spot lights, laying the laminate transversely, The coated hand-curved surface, Oil paint made, lining the walls and ceiling plaster work, Repair services, Roof truss made and put in place., Covering Making Stair Step, Making Sills, Cladding made, Laminate coated wall protection strip made, Tile grout lining, Making jambs, All kinds of profiles, made of steel frame construction, All kinds of profiles, made of steel frame construction, partition walls made gypsum boards, Curb laying, the laying of cobblestones Sidewalk, Granite plaster, Facade decorative plasters, Siding, Mounting of roof insulation, Installation of roof windows, PVC membrane assembly, Making Mahy, Making the roof gutters, walls made of blocks with the carrier bimsbeto, Wall made, Wall made, Wall made, with walls made of aerated concrete wall blocks, Installation of laying tile corner, The fill Gypsum, Ceramic floor coverings, Ceramic Installation of baseboards, Installation of the mold with a polyurethane paint and putty, Polyurethane painting, Making water-based paint, Made of synthetic dyes, Made of synthetic dyes, protection of wood surfaces with colored wood preservative, varnishing wood surfaces, The ceiling painting with a spray gun, The lacquered with varnished wood preservative, Textured exterior coating of water-based, Epoxy paints made, making two coats of paint to iron surfaces against corrosion, to be prepared on the surface of the painting process, Preparation of plaster or stucco (interior), Plasterboard painting, Wall decorations, cornices and so on. mounting, Plasterboard from sealing, Decorative stone pavement, STEP laying of the tiles (Flat), Wall coverings made of, Wallboard Making, Belt made, Walls, the lining of the roof (1 layer), Ceiling wallpaper, Preparation ceiling paint and wallpaper, Preparing walls for paint and wallpaper, Hidden light of the niche dekarasyon, priming and painting the water pipe, staining by water-based paint the ceiling, Installation of the foam strip by means of ceiling paint, window painting, Wall or ceiling of a place in güçlenderil, adhering to the walls of Gypsum brick, Door Installation, serve in the categories.


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