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EMM Elektrik merkezi İstanbul'da yer alan bir mühendislik firmasıdır.

Emm Elektrik, Turkey at your location and Air Conditioning establishment between 15,000 and 18,000 BTU, Ground projects, ETABS, Aconex, Spring, Sketches, drawings and floor plans to produce, Create aesthetic and functional designs, Quality and price do research, sketching according to customer request, BIM software, do the research article for Space, Architectural consultancy, Architectural practices and management, Conservation plans are, Development planning studies, Urban design, Architectural landscaping, Manufacturing embodiment, Architectural space arrangement, Creating the research and design process, Ms Project, Netcad, plaxis, Map projects, design with BIM, Architectural projects, Electricity projects, Static projects, Mechanical projects, WHAT, Blender, AMP, Adobe, PLM, Matlab, Tekla Structure, Office Programs, Perform 3D, Idecad, Sta4CAD, SAP2000, Restitution, Air Conditioning establishment between 7000 and 12000 BTU, ROLEVET, Architectural project drawing, Sound detector assembly, Flame detector assembly, Smoke detector installation, Fire detector assembly, Installing the connector for computers, wiring for Internet, Establishing Router, establishing amplifier, Street noise detector assembly, We pin for insertion and satellite tv, cable routing, cable laying, Removing the air conditioner outdoor unit, 'Removing the air conditioner''s indoor unit', Installation of air conditioning units for ceiling, Ventilation unit for wall mounting, Installing air conditioning visor, The establishment of a central air conditioning system, establishing satellite or terrestrial antenna, Light detector assembly, power supply installation of fire alarm, Reconstruction project drawings for peace, Installation of fire extinguishing pipe (150-250mm), Installation of fire extinguishing pipe (40-100mm), Installation of Sprinkler fire extinguishing system, Hydraulic testing of the fire extinguishing system, Fire extinguishing systems of pneumatic test, Fire extinguishing tank assembly, Installation of fire extinguishing pumps, Extinguishing control unit mount, Fire extinguishing pressure gauge assembly, Concealed sprinkler fire extinguishing installations, Installation of outdoor water sprinklers, Configure Automatic face recognition module, Configure Automatic number plate recognition module, Setting up microphones for video surveillance systems, Video surveillance server establishment and construction, DVR installed and configured, Your camera installation, The video camera setup, Historic preservation and restoration work, The dismantling of the air conditioning Tamer, generator Breaker, Auxiliary Transformer, Equipment and Support Instrument Connections, instrument Tubing, Woodwinds - Other, Analytical Instruments, Position Instruments, Weight Instruments, Speed ​​Instrument, Radiation Instruments, Temperature Instruments, The instrument cowling and Porch, Pressure Instruments, Vibration Instruments, Level Instruments, Flow Instruments, Control Cabinets and Air Protection, GPRS Antenna, Solar Modules, Humidity and Temperature Sensor, Barometric Pressure Sensor, Wind (Wind Direction Sensor), Manual Control Instruments, Phone Center System, Main Distribution Board (Patch Panels), IP Telephony - Overview, Steam boiler, Steam Turbine Generator, Turbine Generator, software, Network Equipment, Fiberoptic Cable, Data cable, Thermocouple Cable, Instrument cable, Magnetic Tape and Card Reader, Tourniquet, Vehicle Barrier, Roof & Wall Speakers, Industrial & Explosion Proof Horn Speakers, microphone, Power Amplifier, cabling, cabling, Digital Video Recorder, TFT LCD Monitor, Cameras - General & Accessories, Ethernet Network Cabling, Fire alarm, Step Up generator (riser) Transformers, Malfunction Indicator, Temperature Sensor, Grounding Accessories, Neutral Grounding Resistor / Reactors, Ground Rods, Diesel Generators - Black Start, Cable Tray - Accessories, Cable Tray - Aluminum, Cable Tray - Galvanized Steel, Cable Termination & Fitting & Shoes - LV & MV, Cable Termination & Fitting & Shoes - LA, Lighting - Emergency & Exit, Control Cable, MV Power Cable, Transformer Oil Equipment Replacement, Transformer Monitoring System, Automatic Voltage Regulator, Grounding Transformer, Uyartım Trafoları, Service Transformers - Oil Type, Served Trafoları - Run Tip, Current Voltage Transformers, HV Power Cable, Lighting - Reflector & Sockets, Lighting - Indoor & Outdoor Luminaires, Lambs, not Sensörü, Wind Speed ​​and Direction Sensor, Compact Metering Station, pyranometers, SCADA, Datalogger, Datalogger, UV-Resistant Cable Tie, Electrical panel, DC Solar Cable Connector, Solar DC Cable, Frequency Converter, İnvertörler, İnvertörler, Rectifier, UPS stem, UPS stem, Distribution Panels, Charging Units, batteries, batteries, Lighting Accessories, Lighting Distribution Panels, Tower Warning Lights, photo Or, RMU (Ring Main Unit), 30000 BTU air conditioner establishment and above, serve in the categories.


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