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Fikir Koçu, Turkey at your location and Contract agents and interpret prosedürer, Study Pre-Contract Bidding Documents, Determination of Risks, Free Import Consultants, Vendors, service branches and government support mentoring, Interviews with customers in targeted markets, Contract Negotiations, determination and strategy consulting contract, 365 days online export management and support services, Expertise Center, Arbitration support services, Preparation of spreadsheets, and presentations for hearing, Conflict prevention strategies, Solution proposals, Preparation and submission of reports and opinions, disputes and defense of the parties represented in boards, recovery of troubled projects, Claims analysis and defense, Claims and change management, Planning and preparation work calendar, Cost control and Management, Contract management, Determination of procedures and contract management, Determined company with participation in trade fairs, Ordering and tracking of all operational processes, Transport organization, customs organizations follow, Certification of Crane Operators, Molding certificate, Engineering education, Engineering Seminars, Bım Consultancy, Construction Management Services, Green Buildings & Energy Management, Facade-Exterior Face Consultancy, Translation services to those who visit our country,, membership support by product and industry dynamics, Telephone perform searching and reporting, Customers installing the system via mailing list, detection of potential customers, categorize construction, Determination of the appropriate market, Reporting of logistics processes Product, Electronics & Automation Consultancy, Communication & Wiring (Cabling) Consultancy, Acoustic Consultancy, Landscape Consultancy, Material Engineering Consultancy, Geotechnical Consultancy, Fire Engineering Consultancy, Pre-Construction Leasing Consultancy, serve in the categories.


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