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Kaktüs Tasarım Mimarlık



Dijital Dünyanın Mimarı

Kaktüs Tasarım Mimarlık, Turkey at your location and Contract Negotiations, Study Pre-Contract Bidding Documents, Contract agents and interpret prosedürer, Determination of Risks, determination and strategy consulting contract, Claims analysis and defense, Contract management, Cost control and Management, Planning and preparation work calendar, Claims and change management, Determination of procedures and contract management, Communication & Wiring (Cabling) Consultancy, Pre-Construction Leasing Consultancy, Electronics & Automation Consultancy, Expertise Center, Acoustic Consultancy, Landscape Consultancy, Material Engineering Consultancy, Geotechnical Consultancy, Fire Engineering Consultancy, Facade-Exterior Face Consultancy, Green Buildings & Energy Management, Construction Management Services, Creating the research and design process, Reinforced Concrete Products, Office Programs, Access control systems, alarms, Electronic switches, cameras, Telephone systems, Sliding door, Login, Forest Products, piles, Prekast, Sidewalk, Bım Consultancy, Map projects, room, Malfunction Indicator, RMU (Ring Main Unit), Architectural projects, Sta4CAD, SAP2000, plaxis, Netcad, Ms Project, BIM software, ETABS, Aconex, Spring, Fire alarm, Architectural practices and management, Conservation plans are, Development planning studies, Urban design, Architectural landscaping, Manufacturing embodiment, Architectural space arrangement, Restitution, ROLEVET, Historic preservation and restoration work, Architectural project drawing, Reconstruction project drawings for peace, Architectural consultancy, Wind (Wind Direction Sensor), Barometric Pressure Sensor, Humidity and Temperature Sensor, Bathroom cabinets, Setting facing towards the south with Compass, Heat Exchanger - Genel, Heater, Chiller, Steam boiler, Steam Turbine Generator, Turbine Generator, Control Cabinets and Air Protection, GPRS Antenna, Solar Modules, Iron Detail, serve in the categories.


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