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Mbs Yönetim Ve Danışmanlık



MBS Yönetim ve Danışmanlık Şti. İnşaat sektöründe hizmet veren bir firmadır.

Mbs Yönetim Ve Danışmanlık, Turkey at your location and Area cleaning, Parker cleaning, general cleaning, Remove trash bag on each floor, Basic mold manufacturing, filling works for basic, Concrete preparing mortar, Cork flooring is made, Column and Slab Curtain Works, Earthwork and Lean concrete Loss, Cost control and Management, Preparation and submission of reports and opinions, Covering Making Stair Step, Making jambs, Laminate coated wall protection strip made, Making water-based paint, Construction Management Services, Green Buildings & Energy Management, Landscape Consultancy, Pre-Construction Leasing Consultancy, Fire Engineering Consultancy, determination and strategy consulting contract, Contract management, Planning and preparation work calendar, Reinforcement to knit for basic concrete, recovery of troubled projects, Solution proposals, serve in the categories.

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  • Occupation / Category Finishing Construction
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