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2005 yılından buyana ev dekorasyonu anahtar teslim işleri yapımında siz degerli müsterilerimize hizmet vermekten mutluluk duyuyoruz MECY dekor dünyası

Mecy Dekor, Turkey at your location and Works Swimming Pool, cutting and inserting according to which it attached Plexica, Installing window unit, Container Construction, Handrails and Platform Construction, Tent Making, Garage, Complete Home, Baths and Saunas Works, Office works, Greenhouse Construction, Fireplaces and Stoves, Installing glass unit, Precast Works, Bungalow Works, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom or Toilet Renovation, Apartment or Room Renovation, Balcony renovating, Made with glass balcony systems, Installation of locks, Kadronl made of wood flooring, be put in place and made the handrail stairs, Roofing done, Parker coating of, Placing plinth made of wood and instead, Placing instead of making the door frame and sill, Roof made, Paneling made, the replacement windows done and, to be made and instead the Greenhouse, Cutting according to which the glass is fitted and install, Cutting according to which the glass is fitted and install, be put in place and to make the door leaf, Installation of wooden doors, Steel door installation, The change in the glass door, Door Installation, The door frame assembly, Removing the gains from the ground, Installation of the hinge, Mosquito nets to be done and put in place, Place standing gas boiler installation up to 55 kW, Installation of Stairs, sealing arrival of bathtubs and shower trays, Brick pipe grooving, Drilling and installation of brick box, Electrical outlets replacement, disassembly and assembly, Installation and connection of the voltage stabilizer, Installation and connection of the transformer, Sports light installation (transformer), Wall lamp assembly (sconces), installation of electrical outlets and switches, Concrete pipes grooving, Ceiling lights connection and installation, Installation of the power switch, Installation of the machine, Electricity meter connection, Electrical panel mounting, Brick drilling depth for wiring 2cm, drilling depth of 2 cm for wiring in concrete, The image quality is difficult painting, painting on the wall, 3d, people, animals and so on., Charts, articles, ornaments and, Chandelier assembly, Removing the Bath, Removal of steel tubes cold water, Heated towel rack mounting and installation, Faucet, valve assembly, Laminated parquet flooring made of, To install the shower, Siphon assembly, Installing Kitchen doğrayıcıs, Sanitary shower installation, Collector installation, Collector installation, Installation of Riser, Installation of Riser, Water meter installation, Removing the sewer, Laundry and dishwashing establishing and connecting, Shower mixer assembly, Toilet Installation, Bathroom Installation, The insulation of pipes, laying copper pipes for water supply, polypropylene laying pipes for water supply, Pipe exchange, Hose replacement, Replacing the toilet fittings, Removing the Sink, Removing the Sink, Boiler Installation, Making wood flooring on existing staff, Frame Building on Wall Covering Making, Type wooden cupboards done, Installation of Lightning Rod, repair of membrane damage, PVC membrane assembly, cleaning of leakage, applying roof waterproofing paste, Installation of rainwater pipe or conduit, Installation of front roof overhang, antiseptic applications, Mounting of roof battens, Installation of roof windows, Installation of roof ventilation, Mounting of roof insulation, Coating installation of, scaffold, Siding, installation of reinforcement mesh for facade, facade insulation assembly, the lining of the front surface, Floor coverings made of, Floor Covering Making, Making the roof gutters, Roofing and cladding made of, Two coats of waterproofing done, Making Waterproofing, Thermal insulation made of plastered application, thermal insulation made in horizontal, Heat and sound insulation made of sandwich system, heat insulation of roofs and floors made, heat insulation of roofs and floors made, done with waterproofing geomembrane, stairs, stairs, Paver flooring, make balustrades, Wooden stairs to, Steel arch / vault made, Steel arch / vault made, Roof truss made and put in place., Preparation of all kinds of iron profile, Preparation of all kinds of iron profile, All kinds of profiles, made of steel frame construction, All kinds of profiles, made of steel frame construction, EPS insulated panel wall construction of ankrajlanarak, partition walls made gypsum boards, do Stairs, the laying of cobblestones Sidewalk, Curb laying, made of steel supply, Instead of mounting pvc transition profile., Installation of flexible PVC based plinth, Manufacture of plastic joinery done and instead position, be put in place and making Iron works, and the replacement of windows and doors made, Aluminum joinery manufacturing and assembly done, Welding made railing, be put in place, Lay-system false ceilings, Seated system false ceilings, Hidden carrier systems false ceilings, Plinth supply and instead of detecting, supply and the fixing of profile flooding, bending the sheet metal door frame construction and installation in place, Fences made of, Fences made of, Fences made of, Making Wood Masonry Wall, Making carcass structure, Kadronl wall and ceiling coverings made of wood, Painting, painting template, Type wooden kitchen countertop cabinet made, Type wooden kitchen countertops made of six cabinet, False ceilings, Quilting coating of, supply and the fixing of the PVC corner profile, Stair railings and handrails made of, Applications jobs, furniture renovation, Bathroom cabinet, Wardrobe, Stair railings made of, Manufacture of furniture to size, Cabinet, kitchen decoration, Kitchen cupboard, Mid-table manufacture, Orders for furniture to be measured, Color choices, Trapezoidal panel ribs PVC coating works, Coatings made, Coatings made, Coatings made, Room, Stucco molding applications, Gypsum columns, to be prepared on the surface of the painting process, Each breed of polished wood parquet, Transparent protective done, making two coats of paint to iron surfaces against corrosion, Textured exterior coating of water-based, Preparation of plaster or stucco (interior), The lacquered with varnished wood preservative, varnishing wood surfaces, protection of wood surfaces with colored wood preservative, Made of synthetic dyes, Made of synthetic dyes, Making water-based paint, Plasterboard painting, staining of the wood surface, Wall decorations, cornices and so on. mounting, Plasterboard from sealing, Wall or ceiling of a place in güçlenderil, priming and painting the water pipe, painting with water-based wall paint, staining by water-based paint the ceiling, Oil paint made, The fill Gypsum, The coated hand-curved surface, Making Cure, Making the joint relief stone wall surface, recessed joints made of corrugated surface of the stone wall, Mosaics made of parapets, Metal door frame behind concrete mortar application, Making plaster to interior and exterior surfaces, Making Coping, Making Coping, Soil drainage is done, Soil drainage is done, Fields made the cut concrete joints, A single coat plaster made, Installation of the foam strip by means of ceiling paint, Coarse and fine plaster ceiling plaster mortar made of, Spreading made of plaster, Coarse and fine mortar made of plaster interior wall plaster, Dose leveling layer made of cement, Made of cement screed dose, Covering over dilatation joints made of, plaster niches for radiators, applying paste, The plastered ceilings machines, plastering the walls of the machine, lining the walls and ceiling plaster work, Facade rough and fine plastering mortar, window painting, Hidden light of the niche dekarasyon, Preparing walls for paint and wallpaper, Ceramic Installation of baseboards, adhering to the walls of Gypsum brick, Decorative plaster tiles, hole in the floor for a socket or pipe, Tile grout (Standard), laying the tiles on the walls, Ceramic floor coverings, Installation of laying tile corner, Tile cutting and edge grinding, Tile grout lining, Inspection door manufacturing and installation, Making jambs, Cladding made, Making parapet, Parapet done, Making Sills, Covering Making Stair Step, Laminate coated wall protection strip made, Floor coverings made of, Mounting of a decorative tiled corner, Mosaic wall coverings, Preparation ceiling paint and wallpaper, Ceiling wallpaper, Walls, the lining of the roof (1 layer), Saban lining, Instead Kona chamfered jambs and the Making Work, Cornices made and put in place labor, Belt made, Wall coverings made of, Wallboard Making, 100 mM ceramic frieze assembly, Sticking window and door jambs made of, Tile mortar (Epoxy), Ceramic flooring tiles 120 cm, laying porcelain sandstone 15mm Kalig, laying marble or granite, STEP laying of the tiles (Flat), the step of laying of the tiles (radius), Decorative stone pavement, flooring tiles, Installation of decorative panels of ceramic tiles, Mosaic tile coatings, Grouting tiles, Epoxy based flooring made, Made protective coat, ceiling bar with wood trim, Arrangement of PVC ceiling corners, plywood interior ceiling, Tension ceilings, Glued carpet tiles, laminate flooring, Installation of Aluminum baseboards, plywood sanding with the help of putty on the ground, Installation of the foam strips to the ceiling unpainted surfaces, Plywood sanding, Staining of the floorboard, OSB or plywood cutting machine on the ground, Floorboards installation, Painting, Floor dust and to clean up the spill, Plywood or OSB flooring, Polyurethane skirting installation, Parker cleaning and varnishing, Parker brushing, Strip assembly, Varnishing and sanding wooden floors, Mounting the adapter plate, Installation of ceiling moldings, Plaster moldings (TV unit, etc.)., Plasterboard application plinth, Single layer waterproofing done, installation of corner panels, Installation of Wall paneer, Wall decorative beams, Decorative wood panels, Flooring, Styrofoam painting, Ceiling wood veneer, Marble-looking effects, efekt chain, suede effect, Plaster Travertine, Concrete plaster effect, Venetian plaster, American plaster, Marble small stones (chips), Texturing gypsum based plaster, Wall wood veneer, Gypsum spot lights, Installation of plastic plinth, Laminate hardwood flooring, the single layer gypsum board with mineral fiber insulation, Regulation of the drywall ceiling lighting in niches, Drywall circumference of the box applications, Curved drywall installation, Of plasterboard ceiling assembly, The decor plasterboard elements (niches, belts, etc.)., Drywall partition, Installation of drywall, Lime Crushed Stone in Wall Grout Grout the Making, Drywall insulating, Laying with geometric shaped Stonework, Whitewash and oil paint scraper, Making Oil Paint Scraper, Making the Rough Blasting Painting, Plaster scraper made of, Lime Mortar Making, Satin plaster coating made of, Made with satin plaster coating, Made of rough plaster, Machine made with alum, Opening the joints in the wall or you move the Marble, Wood mounting, installation of sound-proof tape on Profile, plywood floors, filling the container with self-leveling mortars ground, Polystyrene concrete screed, Two coats of primer application, Floor sanding screed, 5 cm cement + sand screed, supplements for Saban, floor insulation on the handle, Sound absorbing ceilings or walls, waterproofing membrane assembly for SAP, Silk wallpaper paste, Straw wallpaper paste, Glass ceiling wallpaper paste, glass wallpaper paste to the wall, Photo wallpaper paste, Vinyl wallpaper paste, Liquid wallpaper paste, Fabric wallpaper paste, Ceiling wallpaper paste, Wall wallpaper paste, Floor screed, The walls, chimneys, etc. places waterproofing construction, serve in the categories.


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