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Metakon Yapi Konstruksiyon İnşaat Hafr. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.



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Metakon Yapi Konstruksiyon İnşaat Hafr. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti., Turkey at your location and facade insulation assembly, installation of reinforcement mesh for facade, Facade decorative plasters, plastering the front edge, Granite plaster, Siding, scaffold, Installation of anchors, the lining of the front surface, Installation of anti-sealing apparatus, Establishment of drainage systems, Mounting grooves facade, plaster machine, Coating installation of, Installation of the connection apare, 8- Ø Ø 12 mm ribbed concrete steel bar application, Front compliance testing done, Electrical Grounding, Column And Curtain Construction Works, Asmolen Flooring, Beamed Flooring, Cork flooring is made, Gear Flooring (Ribbed Floor), ready-mixed concrete plant in the loss generated, Conventional Curtain And Column Manufacturing, Pile Foundation Manufacturing, Well Foundation, Retaining Curtain Manufacturing, the replacement of ribbed steel mesh, 14- Ø Ø 28 mm ribbed concrete steel bar application, Ribbed steel bars Ø 28 mm greater application, Raft Foundation Manufacturing, It is covered with sandstone walls, Corundum aggregate surface hardened. application and curing, Curing application, Heat and sound insulation made of sandwich system, thermal insulation made in horizontal, Thermal insulation made of plastered application, external thermal insulation of external walls, 150 g / m² weight laying geotextile, heat insulation of roofs and floors made, heat insulation of roofs and floors made, Making Waterproofing, Basement walls made of thermal insulation, Single layer waterproofing done, waterproofing done in dilatation, Two coats of waterproofing done, The walls, chimneys, etc. places waterproofing construction, Laying of geotextile, done with waterproofing geomembrane, make balustrades, Foundation Drainage, construction of a cure for new concrete surface, laying pavement for the road, leveling with graders, path planning and crushed stone fill up to 15 cm, concrete pavement gravel road up to 15 cm +, Crushed stone paths, concrete, reinforcement, Gravel road, rail mining, Gravel road, rail mining, Wall made, Wall made, Wall made, Carrier slab construction with concrete slab elements, Making Precast Concrete Manufacturing and assembly, stairs, stairs, do Stairs, Iron Reinforcement For Foundation Concrete, Soil Leveling And Grobeton Casting, Placing the metal mold for landscape, Lean Concrete Application, compression Compactor, 5cm thick coarse aggregate ser, making soil improvement, Mesh concrete, laying Mesh, the laying of cobblestones Sidewalk, Curb laying, Turbine-Generator Installation, Steam Boiler / HRSG Installation, Pipe Installation, FDG (Flue Gas Desulfurization), ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator), Bottom Ash Handling Installation Service, Solid Fuel Transfer Service, Chimney Installation Service, Services Architecture and Fine Works, Siding Works, Earthworks, Services Building Basics, Underground Piping & Cabling Services, Underground Drainage Services, Foundation Insulation, Home Mechanical Assembly Services, Fire Fighting System Installation Service, Onsite Pipe Manufacturing and Assembly, Mechanical Insulation Service, Fields Production Tank Installation Service, Mechanical Equipment Installation Service, Cooling Tower / ACC Installation Service, HVAC Installation Service, withdrawal of pipes, Paver flooring applications sandy, filling of joints, Excavations intermittently coated wood shoring done, frequent excavations made wooden shoring, fully coated wood shoring excavations done, By providing sand, paving machines, Machine mire and clay excavation (free excavation), filling made with lightweight aggregates, dig a pit for basic, filling works for basic, Basic mold manufacturing, Concrete preparing mortar, 'Excavation ''s Getting', Water System Installation, filling of the foundation pit, Concrete Structures Construction Services, By providing gravel, paving machines, make Leveling, Gutter paving laying, Cover Installation, Removal of pavement BORDUUR, Gutter channels made from stone, parquet flooring in stone ramp, Paver flooring, paving the machine, irrigation and compression done, Floor coverings made of, Floor Covering Making, laying groove move andesite, Machine excavation, To fill the ditch and Čukarica, excavation with shovel, of cleaning after the excavation, Instead of laying curbs, Structural Steel Erection Services, serve in the categories.


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