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Mst Inşaat Ve Yapı Dekorasyon




Mst Inşaat Ve Yapı Dekorasyon, Turkey at your location and Polystyrene concrete screed, Two coats of primer application, Floor sanding screed, Self-leveling device usage, 5 cm cement + sand screed, supplements for Saban, floor insulation on the handle, waterproofing membrane assembly for SAP, Floor screed, Sound absorbing ceilings or walls, installation of sound-proof tape on Profile, Drywall insulating, the single layer gypsum board with mineral fiber insulation, Regulation of the drywall ceiling lighting in niches, Drywall circumference of the box applications, Curved drywall installation, The decor plasterboard elements (niches, belts, etc.)., Drywall partition, Of plasterboard ceiling assembly, Installation of drywall, filling the container with self-leveling mortars ground, serve in the categories.

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  • Occupation / Category Finishing Construction
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