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Noon Mimarlik olarak  Bursa ve Çevre illerde hizmet vermekteyiz. Dinamik ve deneyimli bir ekipten oluşan firmamız çağın gerekliliklerine özen gösteren yenilikçi, yalın ve ekonomik çözümler sunmayı kendine hedef edinmiştir.

Noon Mimarlık , Turkey at your location and Replacing the door handles and mirrors, Replacing the rubber bumper head, Replacing latch, Replacing the hinge, Instead of mounting the outer door lock cylinder shaven, Replacing Stop, Replacing the slide, Replacing instead of the spring hinge, Replacing the transom assembly, Replacing the roller Flush interior door lock, Replacing the springy locking catch, Texturing gypsum based plaster, Marble small stones (chips), Sliding wing handle instead of fitting, Replacing the Fitted interior door locks, Replacing the hinge plastic coated, Made of synthetic dyes, Made of synthetic dyes, protection of wood surfaces with colored wood preservative, varnishing wood surfaces, The lacquered with varnished wood preservative, Preparation of plaster or stucco (interior), Textured exterior coating of water-based, Epoxy paints made, Replacing the hinge Height, making two coats of paint to iron surfaces against corrosion, Each breed of polished wood parquet, to be prepared on the surface of the painting process, Oil paint made, Impregnating wood with the dipping method, Driving impregnated wood manufacturing done 3 times, Transparent protective done, Creating the research and design process, do the research article for Space, sketching according to customer request, Quality and price do research, Create aesthetic and functional designs, Sketches, drawings and floor plans to produce, stairs, stairs, Architectural consultancy, Urban design, Making water-based paint, Architectural practices and management, Architectural project drawing, Historic preservation and restoration work, ROLEVET, Restitution, Architectural space arrangement, Manufacturing embodiment, Architectural landscaping, acrylic sealing of adjacent ceiling tiles, Installation of the mold with a polyurethane paint and putty, 'Floor tiles ''pork''', Decorative plaster tiles, adhering to the walls of Gypsum brick, Ceramic Installation of baseboards, Inspection door manufacturing and installation, Mounting of a decorative tiled corner, 100 mM ceramic frieze assembly, 45 degrees and the edges of washed grinding, Mosaic wall coverings, Installation of decorative panels of ceramic tiles, 200 mM tile assembly frieze, Tiles slope and window sills, flooring tiles, laying tiles clinker, Decorative stone pavement, the step of laying of the tiles (radius), Mosaic tile coatings, STEP laying of the tiles (Flat), hole in the floor for a socket or pipe, laying the tiles on the walls, Covering Making Stair Step, Making parapet, Parapet done, Making Sills, Tile grout (Standard), Cladding made, Making jambs, Tile grout lining, Tile cutting and edge grinding, Installation of laying tile corner, Ceramic floor coverings, Laminate coated wall protection strip made, Polyurethane painting, Cut (not rectified) laying the tiles, laying porcelain sandstone 15mm Kalig, Preparation ceiling paint and wallpaper, Preparing walls for paint and wallpaper, Hidden light of the niche dekarasyon, priming and painting the water pipe, painting with water-based wall paint, staining by water-based paint the ceiling, Installation of the foam strip by means of ceiling paint, Ceiling wallpaper, window painting, Wall or ceiling of a place in güçlenderil, Plasterboard from sealing, Wall decorations, cornices and so on. mounting, staining of the wood surface, Plasterboard painting, The ceiling painting with a spray gun, Making airless paint, laying marble or granite, Walls, the lining of the roof (1 layer), Ceramic flooring tiles 120 cm, Expansion joint, Tile mortar (Epoxy), Grouting tiles, Karger construction done, Sticking window and door jambs made of, Saban lining, Belt made, to be ready to manufacture stone rubble, The blasted done, Minaret from another Everywhere You Move Refutation, Crushed stone wall for a hole to be Discredited, Cornices made and put in place labor, Instead Kona chamfered jambs and the Making Work, Wall coverings made of, Wallboard Making, serve in the categories.


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