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Öz-Eliş Tarim Makina, Turkey at your location and laying electric underfloor heating, Installation of the floor heating unit, insulation slab, installation of wall insulation and expansion joints, According to the pipe-laying project for underfloor heating, 6 bar pressure testing of heating systems, After 28 days after the start of heating in concrete, Installation of floor heating controller, Air Conditioning establishment between 7000 and 12000 BTU, 30000 BTU air conditioner establishment and above, Connecting the underfloor heating temperature sensor, The dismantling of the air conditioning Tamer, The establishment of a central air conditioning system, Installing air conditioning visor, Ventilation unit for wall mounting, Installation of air conditioning units for ceiling, 'Removing the air conditioner''s indoor unit', Removing the air conditioner outdoor unit, cable laying, Air Conditioning establishment between 15,000 and 18,000 BTU, warm Floor, Heating installation was monifol, cable routing, Battery connection, Laying metal and plastic heating pipes, laying heating pipes Polypropylene, laying copper heating pipe, Bar pressurized system test 6 bar, Dual-circuit gas boiler wall mounting, Condensing boiler installation, Single-circuit gas-fired boiler wall mounting, Turnkey boiler piping max 40 kW, Solid fuel boiler installation of 55 kW max, Electric boiler installation, Pump installation, Washing of the heating system, Shan Bacau Installation, the establishment of a thermostat, Thermostat Installation, Installation of the throttle, Approximately 300 liters of a boiler installation, Boiler copper pipes, Installation of the pump group, The boiler installation, establishing satellite or terrestrial antenna, establishing amplifier, Heating radiator assembly, DVR installed and configured, Video surveillance server establishment and construction, Setting up microphones for video surveillance systems, Configure Automatic number plate recognition module, Configure Automatic face recognition module, Installation of outdoor water sprinklers, Concealed sprinkler fire extinguishing installations, Fire extinguishing pressure gauge assembly, Extinguishing control unit mount, Your camera installation, Installation of fire extinguishing pumps, Fire extinguishing systems of pneumatic test, Hydraulic testing of the fire extinguishing system, Installation of Sprinkler fire extinguishing system, Installation of fire extinguishing pipe (40-100mm), Installation of fire extinguishing pipe (150-250mm), Natural gas installation, natural gas pipes laid underground, Gas meter installation, The replacement of the gas pipe, Fire extinguishing tank assembly, We pin for insertion and satellite tv, The video camera setup, power supply installation of fire alarm, Establishing Router, wiring for Internet, Installing the connector for computers, Cable sensor and alarm siren installation, The control panel installation for signaling, Installing the Wireless security sensors, Installation of the door control sensor, Installation of the magnetic card reader, installation and connection of the network access controller, The surface-mounted electromechanical lock, Electric door lock assembly, Turnstile installation, Barrier Installation, Fire detector assembly, Smoke detector installation, Flame detector assembly, Sound detector assembly, Street noise detector assembly, Light detector assembly, The surface-mounted electromechanical mortise lock, Removing the gains from the ground, Ground Installation, remove the power cord, Removal of exposed electrical cable, Lamps, sockets, the removal of links, Plant apartment to move, 1 1 living room of the home replacement power cord, 2 rooms, 1 living room of the home replacement power cord, 3 room, 1 living room of the home replacement power cord, 4 1 living room of the home replacement power cord, Installation of the soil landscape lights, Wall drilling up to 25 mm (concrete, brick), Installation of Floor luminaires, Projector installation and connection, Installation of LED lamps, Improved connectivity scheme, Built-in fan mounting, Establishment Air Conditioning, Ring button setup, Camera setup, Installation and connection of the heating towel hangers, Electrical outlets replacement, disassembly and assembly, Drilling and installation of brick box, Installation of underwater lights, Installation of the sensors, Installation and connection of the transformer, Electromechanical Contractor Services, Automation Services, drilling depth of 2 cm for wiring in concrete, Brick drilling depth for wiring 2cm, Electrical panel mounting, Electricity meter connection, Installation of the machine, Installation of the power switch, Fitting the connection box to the concrete, Installation and connection of the voltage stabilizer, Installing the connection box brick, Installation of the junction box and cabling, Cable inlet open fixing cables, fixing a corrugated tube with wire, Attaching the concrete drilling and box, drilling and installing the drywall box, installation of electrical outlets and switches, Ceiling lights connection and installation, Chandelier assembly, Wall lamp assembly (sconces), Sports light installation (transformer), Fitting the connection box until plasterboard, Place standing gas boiler installation up to 55 kW, Glanded circulation pump assembly, Cold room panels made of, Replacing the toilet fittings, Hose replacement, Pipe exchange, polypropylene laying pipes for water supply, laying copper pipes for water supply, The insulation of pipes, Bathroom Installation, Toilet Installation, Shower mixer assembly, Boiler Installation, Removing the Sink, Removing the Sink, Laundry and dishwashing establishing and connecting, Installation of Riser, Installation of Riser, Collector installation, Collector installation, Sanitary shower installation, Installing Kitchen doğrayıcıs, Siphon assembly, To install the shower, Installation of Stairs, Faucet, valve assembly, Heated towel rack mounting and installation, sealing arrival of bathtubs and shower trays, Water meter installation, Removal of steel tubes cold water, Removing the Bath, Installation of pump stations, Establishment of a complex water treatment system, Chemical analysis of water, Installation of new water disinfectants, Adjusting the water treatment control valve, cleaning and repair of the seawater filter tank, Cleaning the brine tank, Washing the ion exchange resin, Filters control unit repair, Removing the sewer, Cleaning the filter water injector, Submersible pump assembly (General), Hydraulic assembly akülmülatör max 300, supply and drainage and protection sheet instead of laying, By providing a gravel drainage done, By providing a sand drain made, Instead of laying supply and drain pipes, Concrete pipes grooving, Brick pipe grooving, Submersible pump assembly (well), serve in the categories.


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