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Özkubat Yapı



Boya Mantolama Kereste kiremit kaplama taş söve yapı kimyasalları 


Özkubat Yapı, Turkey at your location and Garden landscaping products, Garden swings, Pergolas and umbrellas, Garden lighting, Irrigation apparatus, Ceiling and Wall Coverings, Wood & Aluminum & Steel & Fire Resistant Doors and Accessories, Facade material, Fire & Thermal & Waterproofing Materials, Garden furniture, Wood & Aluminum & PVC Window and Accessories, Parker & Marble & Ceramic Floor and Wall Coating PVC, Raised Floor and Ceiling, Vitrified Materials and Accessories, Roof & Wall Coverings and Sandwich Panels, Paint and Equipment, Covering, Ceiling wallpaper paste, Fabric wallpaper paste, Liquid wallpaper paste, Vinyl wallpaper paste, Photo wallpaper paste, glass wallpaper paste to the wall, Glass ceiling wallpaper paste, Straw wallpaper paste, Silk wallpaper paste, Reinforced Concrete Products, Roofing and waterproofing, Heat Soundproofing, Landscape & Plant, Forest Products, Facade Materials, Key delivery wire mesh fence, Quilting coating of, Type wooden kitchen countertop cabinet made, Type wooden kitchen countertops made of six cabinet, Type wooden cupboards done, Kadronl wall and ceiling coverings made of wood, Mid-table manufacture, Color choices, Orders for furniture to be measured, Kitchen cupboard, kitchen decoration, Cabinet, Room, Manufacture of furniture to size, Wardrobe, Making wood flooring on existing staff, Turnkey wooden fencing, Laminated parquet flooring made of, be put in place and made the handrail stairs, Wall wallpaper paste, Fabric upholstery, Leather upholstered furniture, Mosquito nets to be done and put in place, be put in place and to make the door leaf, to be made and instead the Greenhouse, the replacement windows done and, Paneling made, Roof made, Placing instead of making the door frame and sill, Placing plinth made of wood and instead, Parker coating of, Roofing done, Kadronl made of wood flooring, Impregnating wood with the dipping method, scaffold, heat insulation of roofs and floors made, heat insulation of roofs and floors made, Heat and sound insulation made of sandwich system, thermal insulation made in horizontal, Thermal insulation made of plastered application, Two coats of waterproofing done, Single layer waterproofing done, Repair services, Siding, plastering the front edge, Granite plaster, repair of membrane damage, Making roofing, Making Mahy, Making the roof gutters, Roofing and cladding made of, Mounting of roof battens, Installation of roof windows, Installation of roof ventilation, Mounting of roof insulation, the lining of the front surface, facade insulation assembly, installation of reinforcement mesh for facade, Facade decorative plasters, Driving impregnated wood manufacturing done 3 times, Covering Making Stair Step, Making Sills, Making water-based paint, Made of synthetic dyes, Made of synthetic dyes, varnishing wood surfaces, protection of wood surfaces with colored wood preservative, The lacquered with varnished wood preservative, Preparation of plaster or stucco (interior), Textured exterior coating of water-based, Epoxy paints made, making two coats of paint to iron surfaces against corrosion, Transparent protective done, Each breed of polished wood parquet, to be prepared on the surface of the painting process, Bathroom cabinet, Oil paint made, Wall or ceiling of a place in güçlenderil, Making parapet, Parapet done, Wall decorations, cornices and so on. mounting, Plasterboard painting, Cladding made, Making jambs, Laminate coated wall protection strip made, Sticking window and door jambs made of, Instead Kona chamfered jambs and the Making Work, Cornices made and put in place labor, Ceiling wallpaper, Walls, the lining of the roof (1 layer), Preparation ceiling paint and wallpaper, Preparing walls for paint and wallpaper, staining by water-based paint the ceiling, window painting, staining of the wood surface, serve in the categories.


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