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Ronesansinsaat, Turkey at your location and Wall or ceiling of a place in güçlenderil, Making airless paint, window painting, Installation of the foam strip by means of ceiling paint, staining by water-based paint the ceiling, painting with water-based wall paint, Preparing walls for paint and wallpaper, Hidden light of the niche dekarasyon, Plasterboard from sealing, Preparation ceiling paint and wallpaper, Ceiling wallpaper, Walls, the lining of the roof (1 layer), Saban lining, priming and painting the water pipe, Wall decorations, cornices and so on. mounting, Plasterboard painting, The ceiling painting with a spray gun, acrylic sealing of adjacent ceiling tiles, Installation of the mold with a polyurethane paint and putty, lining the walls and ceiling plaster work, The fill Gypsum, The coated hand-curved surface, plastering the walls of the machine, The plastered ceilings machines, Made of cement screed dose, Dose leveling layer made of cement, Facade rough and fine plastering mortar, Spreading made of plaster, staining of the wood surface, Decorative stone pavement, flooring tiles, Structural Steel Erection Services, Concrete Structures Construction Services, Siding Works, Services Architecture and Fine Works, Covering Making Stair Step, Making parapet, Parapet done, Making Sills, Cladding made, Making jambs, laying tiles clinker, Laminate coated wall protection strip made, Tile grout lining, Tile cutting and edge grinding, Installation of laying tile corner, Ceramic floor coverings, laying the tiles on the walls, Tile grout (Standard), hole in the floor for a socket or pipe, 45 degrees and the edges of washed grinding, 'Floor tiles ''pork''', Decorative plaster tiles, adhering to the walls of Gypsum brick, Ceramic Installation of baseboards, Inspection door manufacturing and installation, Mounting of a decorative tiled corner, serve in the categories.


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