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ŞENALTUN YAPI 2000' yıllardan beri inşaat sektöründe faaliyet göstermektedir. Firma 2015 yılına kadar kaba inşaat (kalıp,demir,duvar,beton) işlerinde taşeronluk sisteminde faaliyet göstermiş olup sonraki yıllarda resmi taahhüt işlerinde faaliyetini devam etmektedir.Nitelikli, kaliteli yaşam alanları yapma konusunada gerekli özveri ve tecrübeyi kendisine hedef etmiştir.

Şenaltun Yapı Ltd, Turkey at your location and placing timber on the pier suspension, Carcass Making Work, Domes and vaults scaffold made of craftsmanship, Global Surface Karger Building Mold Making, All kinds of profiles, made of steel frame construction, All kinds of profiles, made of steel frame construction, Preparation of all kinds of iron profile, Preparation of all kinds of iron profile, Roof truss made and put in place., Steel arch / vault made, Steel arch / vault made, Construction for greenhouses, Installation of underground septic tanks, Installation of the septic tank cover, Installation of the septic tank manhole cover, laying of the sewer line, Septik tank menhol montajı, laying sewer pipes plastic outer, laying plastic outer sewer pipes 200-400 mm, Installation of plastic sewer fittings, Installation of plastic sewer fittings, laying sewer pipes 100-200 mm plastic outer, Turnkey installation of a plastic septic tanks, Drain pump installation, Carrier slab construction with concrete slab elements, series made with sheet formwork, Making concrete with mold tunnel mold system, Facade scaffold made, Making Precast Concrete Manufacturing and assembly, The antenna and pole mount, Crane made using the roof carrier, Making roofing, Making Mahy, Making the roof gutters, Roofing and cladding made of, rough wall, Cinder block wall, walls are constructed with limestone sand, walls made of blocks with the carrier bimsbeto, Wall made, Wall made, Wall made, with walls made of aerated concrete wall blocks, Armored bimsbeto supply and the installation location of the lintel, bearing floors made using cranes, Making the wall using cranes, Single-framed exterior walls made of, partition walls made gypsum boards, EPS insulated panel wall construction of ankrajlanarak, wall construction with stone Nevsehir, Handmade classic brick used in flooring, Flooring made of craftsmanship, Mold made of concrete and reinforced concrete, series molds made of wood, formwork made from steel pipe, flat faced concrete formwork made with Plywood, stairs, stairs, do Stairs, Installation of Lightning Rod, Work at High Altitude, glass cleaning team, Strut assembly, Blinds Installation, Roof cleaning winter, Curing application, Corundum aggregate surface hardened. application and curing, construction of a cure for new concrete surface, laying pavement for the road, paving, leveling with graders, path planning and crushed stone fill up to 15 cm, concrete pavement gravel road up to 15 cm +, Crushed stone paths, concrete, reinforcement, Gravel road, rail mining, Gravel road, rail mining, Old asphalt road debris up to 15 cm +, Gravel road, asphalt manual, Rubble road asphalt coating machine +, concrete pavement gravel road up to 30 cm +, Up to 30 cm old asphalt gravel road +, laying a meter during road construction curbs, 3-meter curb-laying during road construction, Path along the trough floor (labor), Wooden stairs to, The walls, chimneys, etc. places waterproofing construction, Single layer waterproofing done, make balustrades, Concrete cutting to thin rope, Asphalt cutting, Reinforced concrete cutting, wall cutting, Brick cutting, cut for plumbing, Core bits with cutting, Polyurethane injection, Concrete crushing, Concrete cracking, Joint cutting, Diamond angle, done with waterproofing geomembrane, heat insulation of roofs and floors made, heat insulation of roofs and floors made, Heat and sound insulation made of sandwich system, thermal insulation made in horizontal, Thermal insulation made of plastered application, external thermal insulation of external walls, 150 g / m² weight laying geotextile, Making Waterproofing, Laying of geotextile, Basement walls made of thermal insulation, Two coats of waterproofing done, waterproofing done in dilatation, repair of membrane damage, PVC membrane assembly, cleaning of leakage, Excavations intermittently coated wood shoring done, frequent excavations made wooden shoring, fully coated wood shoring excavations done, By providing sand, paving machines, Machine mire and clay excavation (free excavation), With mire and slime excavating machine (deep cuts), soft and hard questionable with excavating machine, soft and hard questionable with excavating machine, soft and hard earth excavating machines, soft and hard earth excavating machines, excavation machines using explosives, very hard rock excavating machines (free excavation), with very hard rock excavating machine (deep cuts), with hard rock excavating machine (deep cuts), filling made with lightweight aggregates, With soft rock excavation machines (deep cuts), With soft rock excavating machine (free excavation), manual routing of soil removed from the excavation, Need not be eliminated Laying the Fine Aggregate, excavation work done in the old ruins of rubble, The original excavation of soft body walls, The original size of the excavation house boundary walls, dig a pit for basic, filling of the foundation pit, filling works for basic, with hard rock excavating machinery (free excavation), By providing gravel, paving machines, paving the machine, irrigation and compression done, make Leveling, Curb laying, the laying of cobblestones Sidewalk, laying Mesh, Mesh concrete, making soil improvement, 5cm thick coarse aggregate ser, compression Compactor, Placing the metal mold for landscape, withdrawal of pipes, Paver flooring applications sandy, filling of joints, Gutter paving laying, Cover Installation, Removal of pavement BORDUUR, Gutter channels made from stone, parquet flooring in stone ramp, Paver flooring, Instead of laying curbs, laying groove move andesite, Floor coverings made of, Floor Covering Making, Machine excavation, To fill the ditch and Čukarica, excavation with shovel, of cleaning after the excavation, Basic mold manufacturing, Concrete preparing mortar, Clean and Waste Water Facilities, Installation of anchors, Installation of anti-sealing apparatus, Establishment of drainage systems, Mounting grooves facade, plaster machine, Coating installation of, Front compliance testing done, It is covered with sandstone walls, Rainwater reservoir made and the fixing of, Placing of roof gutters and instead made, Roof made lighthouse bottoms and to put in place, And conducting the fixing of the gutter, Coating done and to put in place, be put in place and making the window sill, Drainpipes made and the fixing of, Instead of mounting the gutter and made, Stove hole nozzle and valvular, Mounting of roof insulation, Installation of roof ventilation, Installation of roof windows, Mounting of roof battens, antiseptic applications, Installation of front roof overhang, Installation of rainwater pipe or conduit, applying roof waterproofing paste, Installation of the connection apare, scaffold, plastering the front edge, 'Excavation ''s Getting', Earthwork and Lean concrete Loss, Reinforcement to knit for basic concrete, Basic Insulation, Column and Slab Curtain Works, Cork flooring is made, Gear Flooring (Ribbed Floor), the replacement of ribbed steel mesh, 14- Ø Ø 28 mm ribbed concrete steel bar application, Ribbed steel bars Ø 28 mm greater application, 8- Ø Ø 12 mm ribbed concrete steel bar application, ready-mixed concrete plant in the loss generated, the lining of the front surface, facade insulation assembly, installation of reinforcement mesh for facade, Granite plaster, Facade decorative plasters, Siding, Repair services, serve in the categories.


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