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Sude Elektrik, Turkey at your location and Removal of exposed electrical cable, Lamps, sockets, the removal of links, Plant apartment to move, 1 1 living room of the home replacement power cord, 2 rooms, 1 living room of the home replacement power cord, 3 room, 1 living room of the home replacement power cord, 4 1 living room of the home replacement power cord, Installation of the soil landscape lights, Installation of Floor luminaires, Installation of underwater lights, Installation of LED lamps, remove the power cord, Improved connectivity scheme, Built-in fan mounting, Establishment Air Conditioning, Ring button setup, Camera setup, Installation and connection of the heating towel hangers, Electrical outlets replacement, disassembly and assembly, Drilling and installation of brick box, Electromechanical Contractor Services, Projector installation and connection, Ground Installation, Installation of the sensors, Automation Services, drilling depth of 2 cm for wiring in concrete, Brick drilling depth for wiring 2cm, Electrical panel mounting, Electricity meter connection, Installation of the machine, Installation of the power switch, Fitting the connection box to the concrete, Installing the connection box brick, Fitting the connection box until plasterboard, Wall drilling up to 25 mm (concrete, brick), Installation of the junction box and cabling, fixing a corrugated tube with wire, Attaching the concrete drilling and box, drilling and installing the drywall box, installation of electrical outlets and switches, Ceiling lights connection and installation, Chandelier assembly, Wall lamp assembly (sconces), Sports light installation (transformer), Installation and connection of the transformer, Installation and connection of the voltage stabilizer, Cable inlet open fixing cables, Electrical Design, serve in the categories.


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