• 1.How can I benefit from Workindo as a construction company?

    Workindo offers construction companies 3-way benefits.

    * You can find the staff that suits your needs. * Top Contractor companies can find the most suitable subcontractors for their projects. * All companies can bid as subcontractors for the projects.
  • 2. How can the construction industry employees benefit from Workindo?

    All professionals of the construction industry can easily reach the most suitable projects and works in both design and construction sites.

    Workindo confidently presents the most up-to-date projects to its employees in line with their experience and goals.

    After signing up to our website and creating a profile, you can instantly see if there is a job suitable for your profile in the 'My Opportunities' menu. If there is no job posting according to your profile, you will be notified to your mobile phone / email address when appropriate ads are received.

  • 3. How can I register for Workindo?

    You can sign up for Workindo with your mobile phone number or your e-mail address. The verification code sent to your mobile phone or e-mail address is sufficient for you to register on the platform.

  • 4. Can I create my profile?

    After registering for Workindo, you can create your company profile by clicking the 'Create Profile' button on the page and you will be ready to access the projects.

  • 5. How can I advertise as a company?

    Companies can place both employee and subcontractor announcements through Workindo. To post your ad, you can click the 'Post an ad' button on the left side of my profile page!

  • 6. What should I write in the Fields of Activity when creating my company profile?

    Fields of activity refer to the industries and structure types your company serves. You can freely add all the industries you operate in.

  • 7. While creating my company profile, I could not find the sector I serve. What should I do?

    If you have not found the sector you serve, you can define your own sector by selecting the service group closest to you and clicking the search button!

  • 8. What are Opportunities in my company profile?

    Opportunities offer you projects that you can undertake as a subcontractor. You can easily bid on verified projects that you have accessed from the Opportunities tab..

  • 9. In my Company Opportunities, I need different details about the projects before I bid. What should I do?

    You can bid on projects suitable for your company with its main lines. If you need different details, the Workindo team will provide you with the necessary information.

  • 10.My company actively exists in more than one location. What should my location information be?

    Your location information should be the location where your company's headquarters is located and where it manages its activities. For each project you add to the platform, we will also ask you for the location information of the project.

  • 11. I want to add a project as a company, but there are details that are not yet clear. What should I do?

    You can create your project on the system with the existing information and add its details when it becomes definitive. It will always be possible to update your project information.

  • 12. I will post a job as a company, but I need more than one employee for the same position. What should I do?

    While creating a job advertisement through Workindo, you can specify the number of people you are looking for. Workindo offers you the most suitable employees for the features you set. If the number of people is unknown, you can update this information at any time.

  • 13. There is information I want to change in my membership information. What should I do?

    You can update your information by clicking the 'Update My Membership / Service Information' button on the My Profile page.

  • 14. How can I apply for jobs as a person?

    The Opportunities tab gives you the most suitable job opportunities. After clicking the 'Opportunities' button, you can submit your application by clicking on the jobs..

  • 15. While creating my personal profile, I could not see my own profession in professions. What should I do?

    After choosing the most suitable profession group for you, you can find or add the definition of your profession by using the 'search' tab.

  • 16. Where can I see my jobs I applied for?

    On the My Profile page, you can see the jobs you applied for by clicking the 'My Jobs' tab.

  • 17.How can I leave membership?

    When you become a member, you can cancel your membership unconditionally by sending an email to Your membership will be terminated after checking your balance and clearing the company membership.